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Smart Energy Resources CO., LTD. delivers the needed support at your site. We can take care of the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, the Administration, Land Transport Management, a Clinic and a Camp Move Team.


Land Transport Management

orange arrow  Monitor and scrutinise Contractors HSE Performance and initiatives for compliance
orange arrow  Ensure all contractor drivers are inducted through an approved Defensive Driving Training Program, preferably before the start of Seismic Campaign
orange arrow  Work with, assist and coach Seismic Contractors Land Transport Advisors.

Quality, Health, Safety an Environment

orange arrow  For the health and safety of all personnel
orange arrow  Monitor people performance
orange arrow  Reporting (RIR, HSE, SQ)
orange arrow  Make people aware of risks and dangers
orange arrow  Perform audits and reviews
orange arrow  Assess potentially dangerous situations
orange arrow  Risk to Environment
orange arrow  Provide training



orange arrow  Health checks
orange arrow  First aid


orange arrow  Payroll/Accounting
orange arrow  SWPS - Ordering
orange arrow  Filing
orange arrow  Invoices
orange arrow  Flights
orange arrow  Camp Inspections
orange arrow  Catering
orange arrow  Equipment
orange arrow  Laundry


Camp Move Facilities

orange arrow  Camp Boss + Assistants - Organizing accommodation for junior tents.
orange arrow  Room Boy - Daily Clean and Inspection of rooms
orange arrow  Watch Man - Night watch for suspicious activity.
orange arrow  Store Man - Ensuring stock and supplies are up to date.
orange arrow  Cooks + Assistants - Daily preparation of meals, cleaning kitchen areas and mess.

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