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About us

The management is run by 20 International Years experience consultants and local geophysicists and geologogist professionals in the Myanmar Oil & Gas Industry.

The General manager is Andrew Eeles and has over 34 years of experience in the seismic, escorted by Technical manager Gert-Jan Snelting who has over 26 years of experience in mechanics, safety and seismic.


People on keypositions

Dave Buddery (request CV)

U Phone Mint (request CV)

U Mnu Nu (request CV)

Added Value

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Professional Summary

“All of my working life encompassing 43 years has been spent planning and supervising onshore, offshore and transition zone geophysical surveys worldwide, solving geophysical acquisition problems and carrying out operational research into the practical side of geophysical problems.

I have had lengthy exposure to the planning and operational management of multi thousand channel seismic nodes and conventional cable crews using independent simultaneous source techniques. I have had considerable experience in data processing including statics computation and wavelet processing.

I have been involved in successfully applying node seismic techniques in NW Europe in areas where there is organised opposition to seismic survey work.

I have carried out managerial and technical training in seismic survey planning and operations”.

Dl L. Buddery

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